Trend Talks: Sculptural & Sanctuary

Trend Talks: Sculptural & Sanctuary

We’re zooming in on the trends of 2019 and how to let them be part of your home and life

We believe in decorating your home, so it reflects who you are by creating a space filled with memories and your life's story. With a focus on high quality, craftsmanship and longevity, we want to help you create the home of your dreams where you can be yourself. However, seasons change and so do the colours, materials, and influences for our designs. For our Spring/Summer '19 collection, we've found inspiration in the sculptural arts and the concept of a comforting sanctuary. Read along to explore how these two ideas are expressed in our new collection. 

Sculptural elements and expressions are everywhere this season and they let an artful character be apparent in functional designs for everyday life. Exploring distinctive shapes, inspired by nature, our new collection features an array of bold shapes and lines that bring out the unique silhouette of each product. It is time to make a statement in your home, and incorporating the art elements in functional pieces, you can do it without taking up too much space. This trend incorporates the sculptural in both small and larger designs, so you can even make them part of your life – also in small spaces.

Regardless of style and taste, we all feel the need to have a space of our own to rewind and recharge. A space where imperfection is a virtue, and we can let our guard down and do all the things we love, without having to keep up appearance. That could be cooking your favourite meal or curling up on the sofa with a good book, but only you truly know what the perfect sanctuary looks and feels like. The concept of a haven or an oasis comes to life in calm lines and soft textiles with a focus on rich tactility. Elements of natural, wild, and humble materials come into play too with this tendency, focusing on subtle, earthy colours. Take your time to enjoy the moment and surround yourself with items that help you find and be yourself.