Trend talks: Bidasar Marble

Trend talks: Bidasar Marble

This season, a new marvellous quality of marble enters the stage. We take a closer look at its origin.

You might have already noticed that there’s a new marble in town with our latest collection. We discovered the irresistible brown Bidasar marble when researching for the fall collection, and there was no doubt in our minds that we had to use it.



The result is a series of accessories, Bendum, complete with a soap dish, a cup, and a vase, all of which can be used in any room of your home. Along with the Bendum series, we introduce a large centrepiece with the Scape bowl. The surprising thing is that despite their different expression, both designs are made of the same stone.

Both series are made using the extraordinary marble quality called Bidasar – named after the village Bidasar in the Indian region Rajasthan where it's found. The stone is a so-called metamorphic rock, shaped by the alterations of nature. The characteristic linear pattern stems from the chemical processes of the earth, while the lines are traces of the roots from surrounding trees. The stone varies in colour due to the differences of the mineral levels which is why no product of both series looks the same.


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