Make a grand statement with a gallery wall

In a limited edition of just 500, we have created an exclusive gallery box of nine unique art prints – the perfect starting point for a gallery wall



Art plays a crucial role in the making of a personal style in your home and is a perfect way of accentuating colours or moods in a room. Therefore, we have created an exclusive set of art prints, which brings out the feelings and colour nuances of our collection. Their dim pastels and simple, yet powerful expressions make them a natural fit for any home. Featuring nine prints the gallery box offers you a line of matching prints with each their significant vibe.

Combining organic shapes and abstract art, the nine limited art prints express a contemporary take on the classic still-life. The illustrations find their foundation in different elements and shapes, stacked to form new compositions. The natural forms convey a state of groundedness while the fine lines bring out the lightness of the balancing elements. With their subtle colourways and an occasional pop of metallic detailing, we let various materials come together to express and explore our fascination with natural tactility.

Whether you choose to hang them all together or one by one on selected spots around your home, is up to you. The Still-Life Gallery Box gives you a jumpstart to your art collection and forms an excellent foundation for creating a gallery wall, which tells the story of you and your family.


See the Still-Life Gallery Box HERE