Get Personal with Art

Get Personal with Art

Art is a great way of telling your story in your home. We give you tips on curating a home gallery of art and artful pieces

Our home, to us, is more than just a space between four walls, a bed, a fridge and a few other essential pieces of furniture. A home is a reflection of who we are. And although you may find furniture that will mirror you in one way or another, there's no such thing as art to show your guests your true self. Art can transform your beliefs into something beautiful, and the outstanding art will make you recognise something in yourself you may not know was there all along. Gallery walls in the home have been a hit for quite some years now, and its appeal doesn't seem to fade. And this is good news to those of us who don't just have one favourite style or taste but prefer things mixed up. Selecting great pieces and placing them side-by-side with something entirely different may turn your wall into an entirely new and third piece of art. Curating your gallery wall lets you be adventurous and curious.

We have gathered four tips for selecting the art for your home. Take them, use them, or reject them. In the end, what matters is what you want in your home.

1. Select your display. Do you want hanging pieces on the wall, standing on a shelf, leaning up against a wall, or maybe pinned on a board? The results are disparate, so choose the solution that works best in your home. You may want to avoid the leaning variant if your family includes lively kids or pets.

2. Buy art with your heart not what is popular, what others buy, or would you believe you ought to display in your home. Choose pieces that immediately excites you, and avoid those that leaves you with an aftertaste of doubt.

3. Go for the contrast to make both your furniture and your art stand out. Create contrasts with pieces that don't match but maybe add something else to the room.

4. Mix, mix, mix. Combine contemporary art with the classics, the more expensive pieces with something you stumbled upon at a street fair. And don't just go for the framed art; mix up your collection with hanging pieces like our Coupled Candleholder, which will also add the sense of past times. Collecting pieces over time, lets them tell a story. Your story.