ferm LIVING x Agern

ferm LIVING x Agern

ferm LIVING and Restaurant Agern in New York, USA, have entered into a brand collaboration, uniting the Scandinavian design language of ferm LIVING with the acclaimed, seasonal new Nordic food movement of Agern

Agern, a part of the Danish Claus Meyer’s ventures in the USA, has since the beginning manifested a position among the leading players in the New Nordic food scene internationally. Agern holds one Michelin star in both 2017 and 2018, and the Icelandic chef, Gunnar Gíslason and his team are praised in media from all over the world.

Uniting an explicit Scandinavian design language with an international horizon, the restaurant is a perfect match for the strategy and design DNA of ferm LIVING, and so the decision of a brand collaboration began.

The collaboration has thus far resulted in a lovely series of images of a couple of Agern’s exclusive signature dishes, served and photographed on ferm LIVING’s series of tableware Neu and Sekki, the Ripple Glass series, Asymmetric Cutting Boards, Fein cutlery and Blend Tea Towels.

The images present that special Nordic expression that ferm LIVING and Agern have in common, and the appeal of natural materials and excellent craftsmanship is undeniable.