Easter Egg Decorations

Easter Egg Decorations

It wouldn’t be Easter without our beloved traditions with egg dyeing and hunting. And maybe just a few Easter eggs of chocolate

With Easter coming up, we are planning fun activities for the days' free time. We usually stick to traditions and go for the classic egg decorations and hunts, planting our own cress, spring decorations, and maybe just a few pieces of Easter treats.

Dyeing Easter eggs is a treasured tradition, and we love the many ways of playing with creativity and expression. It wouldn't be Easter without them. And it is a both fun and easy activity that gathers the entire family around the table.

This year, we went for more abstract motifs, using watercolour to create a lovely variegated pattern in different colours. When we finish, we hang them up around as decorations in our home, or hide them in the garden and start a fun egg hunt. And of course, the Easter eggs also come made of chocolate served in the spring themed Landscape bowls with sweet rabbit and squirrel motifs.