Decorate the kids

Decorate the kids' room with personality

The best-decorated kids' rooms make space for play, creativity, and being yourself. Here are five items to personalise the kids' room

One thing you always find yourself lacking as a family with children is storage. Diapers, books, clothes, and toys take up more space than you would have ever imagined, and you easily run out of space right after installing a new shelf, bookcase, or dresser. Another difficult balance to master is the one between decorating a charming room for your children and simultaneously creating a space with room for sleep, play, and being a kid. We have collected five items that may help you get tidied up in the kids’ room while letting your kid’s personality shine through.

A functional and sweet-looking storage solution is the House Wall Storage with nine smaller pockets. It is perfect hanging above the nappy station where it will keep all the essentials within reach. Let some of your child's cuddly toys pop their heads out for a playful and personal look of the hanging storage.

Need a place to hang the rucksack or warm sweater? The cute animal hooks are a fun way to get some practical hooks in the kids' room. You may also want to create your own little zoo on the wall with different animals hanging in different heights and use them for some of the favourite items as a whimsical display. In the more traditional end of storage, a shelf is an easy way to keep clutter at bay, while it also presents you with the possibility of styling the shelves with family images or favourite teddies.

With the Kids Growth Chart, you can follow every step of your kid's childhood – and it doubles as an artful little detail in the creation of a personal kids' room. The same multi-functional quality goes for one of our favourites, the Funkis House. It looks like a mid-century house, but if you hang it on the wall and fill it up with sweet memorabilia it will keep your best memories close to the heart.

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