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For at fejre påskedagene giver vi dig en helt særlig totebag designet med motiverne fra Still-Life Gallery-æsken, når du bestiller i vores webshop. Én totebag tilføjes automatisk til din ordre. Få dit påskeæg indtil d. 22. april
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Safari Animal Box

Get to know the sweet animals of the savannah with the set of 12 coloured beech bricks. The set features a mix of animals and plants, and you can use them to play with or as nice decorations in the kids’ room
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Dusty Rainbow Snake

The favourite Snake Cushion returns with bright, new colours and a lovely knit melange made of organic cotton. It will make a perfect and playful bed bumper and a new best friend in the kids room
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Mus Plant Pot

With a fun and homemade expression, the Mus Plant Pots with the face of a little mouse will playfully keep order in your pens or provide the best care for a small plant. The Pots come in more sizes and colours
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Pear Braided Storage

Braided in the shape of a fruity pear this design gives you a lovely storage solution for the kids’ room. Fill it with teddies, blankets, or toys to playfully make more space in their universe